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Make a booking request online

You can use the form on this page to book facilities at Hill House St Helier online. Viewings are available upon request. Please call us on 0208 648 3917 to arrange a day and time.

Bookings at short notice

Please note all booking requests must be submitted by Wednesday midday if you require to use our facilities that coming Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday.


Please note that you must pay your deposit and your booking fee using the same payment method and the payee name must match the name on your booking.

Your deposit

You will lose your deposit if:

  1. Any confetti or glitter is used on the premises.
  2. Any of your guests park on the grass.
  3. Any of your guests make noise in the car park and disturb our local residents.
  4. You do not return the hall & outside areas in the same condition that you found them in.

It is your duty to make sure you read through our terms and conditions in full. By submitting a booking request, you are confirming that you accept our terms and conditions.

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All booking requests require users to register with this site. Once registered, you can view and manage your bookings, quickly add new bookings and view any invoices you have been issued.

Request a booking

Fill out the form on this page to submit a booking request. Our admin team will review your request, confirm the price and availability of your time slots and equipment and reply to you as soon as possible.

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