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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Where is Hill House, St Helier?

We are located at Bishopsford Road, Morden, SM4 6BL.

How big is the main hall and its capacity?

The main hall is approximately 20m long by 13m wide, with a maximum capacity of 150 seated/250 standing with no furniture.

What is the size of the stage?

The stage dimensions are 4.85 meters in length, 2.5 meters in width, and has a height of 0.8 meters.

How big is the training/meeting room on the 1st floor, and what is its capacity?

The training/meeting room on the 1st floor is approximately 5.2 meters long by 5 meters wide, accommodating a maximum of 15 people.

Do I need to download software for booking?

No, all bookings are managed online through our website at

How does someone make a booking?

Bookings can be made on our website. Check the booking calendar to have an idea of available time slots. Submit your booking request by clicking on the orange "Request Booking" button at

Does the hirer need to make an account?

Yes, creating an account allows for one-off or long-term bookings, making the process more convenient by avoiding repeated contact detail entry.

How does a hirer know if the hall or training/meeting room is available?

Check the online calendar at Unavailable slots will be indicated, and there's no need to call for confirmation.

How much is the main hall?

For weekdays, it is £40 per hour. For weekends, pricing options are as follows:

  • £400 for 6 hours
  • £450 for 8 hours
  • £500 for 10 hours
  • £650 for the whole day

How much is the training room?

It is £35 per hour, and it's available for weekdays only.

Is the hirer's contact info public?

No, hirers' contact information is hidden on the calendar unless made public by the hirer.

Our venue has multiple rooms. Can people choose which rooms to book?

Yes, individuals can select specific venues such as Main Hall & Kitchen (MH&K) or Training room (TR).

How does the hirer pay?

Payments are made online, and details will be shown in the invoice sent after an administrator reviews and approves the booking.

I'm running a charity event. Can the hall be hired for free or at a reduced rate?

Yes, as a charity, we provide a 20% discount on the total amount.

Where do I get the keys to open and lock up the Hall at Hill House?

The caretaker will handle the opening and closing of the hall at the selected times.

Can we access the hall outside the booked hours to set up or clear away?

No, setup and cleanup must be included and paid for as part of the booking.

Can I get a refund for a canceled booking?

  • No refund if canceled 14 or fewer days before the event.
  • 50% retention if canceled more than 14 days but less than 28 days before the event.
  • Full refund if canceled 29 days before the event.
  • Charges or repayments due to cancellation processed within 21 days.
  • Full refund if Hill House cancels the event.

How many car parks can be provided for a weekend booking/weekday booking?

We offer 40 parking spaces, including 2 disabled spaces. For weekdays, 20 parking spaces are available.

Can I put decorations up around the hall?

Yes, decorations are allowed using white tac, avoiding cello tape or pins. However, no decorations requiring working at height are permitted.

Does the hall have Wi-Fi Internet?

No, it doesn't.

Is the hall wheel-chair accessible?

The main entrance is wheel-chair accessible, but unfortunately, the toilet is via steps, and the stair lift is out of service.

Can I bring/serve alcohol?

The Hall does not have an alcohol license. The hirer is responsible for obtaining necessary licenses. Alcohol can be served within the Hall and its surroundings but not beyond the site. Responsible consumption is crucial to prevent damage or nuisances.

Can I bring a bouncy castle/inflatable?

Yes, but you need to hire it and provide public liability insurance. The height limit is 3 meters.

Are there chairs and tables available for use?

Yes, tables and chairs are included in the cost of hiring the hall. We provide 26 rectangular tables and 150 chairs. The size of each table is 176 cm x 74 cm

Is there a fridge I can use?

Yes, there is one fridge/freezer in the kitchen and one fridge in the hall available for use.

Is there crockery I can use?

Please bring your own crockery.

Is there cutlery I can borrow?

Please bring your own cutlery.

Are there a microwave, oven, and kettle that I can use?

Yes, there is a microwave, oven, and kettle available in the kitchen.

Are there tablecloths I can borrow?

We do not have any tablecloths available.

Is there a TV I can borrow?

We do not have a TV or TV license.

Is there a projector I can borrow?

We do not have a projector available.

Must I clean up after an event?

Yes, it is essential to leave the hall as clean and tidy as it was upon arrival. Set up and clean up must be within the allocated time to prevent any loss of deposit.

Where can I put my rubbish?

Please place all rubbish in the large bins located at the rear of the car park before leaving.

How can I reach the caretaker after 4 pm on weekdays and on weekends?

Call the caretaker, Bismark, at 07476221184 after 4 pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend.

What can I do for lost property?

Contact Hill House at 02086483917 or email for lost property. Unclaimed items are kept for a month.

How can I leave feedback?

For feedback regarding the hire of Hill House, email

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